About me

January 29, 2019 • ☕️ 3 min read

Hello, my name is Denis, I’m from Tula, Russia, a town 170km far from Moscow, known where Leo Tolstoy was living.

I’m a .net developer who also appreciates web technologies (JS, Node.js). Now I’m in a pause for 4 months, trying to change smth in my life. I’m inspired by clever people, who travel, make business, startup and all together. Interested in psychology and self-reflection.

I burned out and now I’m trying to go into freelance. But not yet decided or it will be .net/backend or frontend/React. A freelance will be a good type of work to be not chaining to a particular place of living.

I was fond of bicycle, photography, mountains. For the last 3 years, I’ve been deeply concentrated on work without everything. Was tired a lot and gave up work. Now I’m living on savings and on selling unnecessary things.

I was working on a .net component/port of MS Word and then on ‘own’ MS Excel. They are huge projects. First was started in nearly 2007 and is a work of 10-15 devs. The second begins from 2011 with the same sized team. There was a lot of autonomy here: you decided what to improve, you implemented it, and maintain that piece of product, helping users and answer incoming questions and fix own bugs.

Next, I’ve realized that 8 years doing such specific work would be not good for my career. I moved to the infrastructure team, that creates and maintain own site, own CRM, own helpdesk (yes they love bicycles and not invented here syndrome was common). We were working using a kanban methodology and sometimes it feels like an assembly line at the factory.

I became interested in the frontend, as it seems with this knowledge you can do some kind of MVP for a startup or your own project. It’s easier to find an interesting job than the component developer on the .net platform.

I’m not organized, do everything slowly: from idea to realization can take months.

I regret that for all the time I did not manage to travel outside of Russia. Now I dream to leave my city for many reasons.

Now there is time to hand over everything that was not enough time - start a blog, create a profile on LinkedIn, write a resume, make a portfolio, prepare for interviews, recall data structure algorithms, read the entire shelf of books that I ordered with Amazon and did not open.

I am interested in the topics of time management, the fight against procrastination, perfectionism, the feeling that you are missing everything, burnout, imposter syndrome, depression, corporate culture, remote work, motivation issues, personal brand, how to learn, to memorize everything, how to pump Linkedin profile, preparing for an interview writing a cv.

I’m afraid to make the wrong choice, so I postpone the key decisions for later or when a dangerous moment is coming.

For me, It is difficult to start any projects, as it seems that I can not make them perfect. Recently I read how to deal with these mental attitudes like perfectionism. I will try to change.

I recently learned to appreciate my experience and projects that I did, and it seemed that all this was nonsense and it was ridiculous to describe on LinkedIn. Especially when you start to compare yourself with more successful (as it seems from the side) people.

I’m trying not to compare myself with people.

This year, I finally want to enjoy life, to move to a country where it will be nice to be where you can consider your home. Engage in an interesting project. Spread positive and communicate with nice people.

Travel to many countries, make friends and acquaintances from there or do networking.